Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Thing 23 !!!!!!!!!!!

I would participate in another discovery program. I love learning new things!

I only work ten hours a week. I wasn't able to send as much time as I would have liked on each exercise. It was also hard to concentrate going back and forth between patrons and the exercises.

I will continue to use bloglines and Book Thing. I have been asking patrons if they have heard of Technorati, Rollyo or Flickr. YouTube and wikis seem to be alot more popular.

I am glad to be done!!!!!

Thing 22 of 23 Things

Nothing can take the place of sitting in a comfortable chair and reading a good book. I don't think I could get as comfortable with my computer in my lap. Plus I don't think it is as friendly on the eyes. I have had a couple of patrons ask about down loading books from our catolog. So the interest is there.

Thing 21 of 23 Things

I tried using Yahoo Podcast but I couldn't get it to my bloglines account. Podcast Alley was very easy to use. It went to my bloglines the first time.

I enjoyed watching the Harry Potter podcast. Podcasting did a great job promoting the new book.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Thing 20 of 23 Things

I watched a couple of the videos from YouTube. Some of them were really funny! I think adding the videos to library websites would really appeal to some people. I think they would need to be really short ones though. Otherwise no one may take the time to watch them. Some of the videos were really long and inappropiate.

Thing 19 of 23 Things

I explored It is a site that finds, reviews and talks about what is good and bad in cities all over the country. I learned quite alot about Annapolis, MD.

It looked like there were alot of interesting sites listed in the Web 2.0 awards. I think some of our patrons would be interested in exploring some of these sites.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Thing 18 of 23 Things

I played around with Zoho Writer. I think it will be a very useful tool for making signs about events in our library.

Thing 17 of 23 Things

I added my blog and created a new page about my favorite thing. Rug Hooking!! It was very easy to do!